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Estate Planning

Estate Planning – Preparing for Their Future

You want the security of knowing that your final property and health care wishes are honored, and that loved ones are provided for in your absence. In addition to dividing your assets, a good estate plan is about ensuring that the people, things, and traditions that matter to you are protected. At MyCue & Brown, CPA PC, we work with you to provide personalized estate planning.

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Our experienced CPA firm has helped individuals in Seguin understand and adapt their estate plan to meet their changing needs. Our comprehensive planning services cover numerous aspects and serve multiple purposes, leaving no room for uncertainty. Some of the areas that we evaluate in your estate plan include:

  • Last Will & Testament
  • Trusts
  • Living Wills
  • Power of Attorney
  • Titling and Designation of Beneficiaries

When evaluating your estate, we look for areas of weakness or details that could potentially send your estate to a trust, causing unnecessary headaches for your heirs. Common issues include unsuccessfully titled recipients, unnecessary death taxes and trusts that fail to account for applicable state laws. We work closely with your legal and accounting experts so that details are not lost in the shuffle.

Estate Planning Means Less Stress for You and Your Beneficiaries

It might seem like a daunting prospect if you've never made an estate plan before. That doesn't have to be the case, though. We help break down the process into manageable parts, so you never feel unprepared to make decisions. We help you understand how your current estate plan will impact your assets and recipients. We also explain your options to make sure that your plan is clear, down the last detail.

Without a personalized estate plan in place, your estate is divided according to state law, which may go against what your wishes would be. Developing a plan for the estate makes sure you leave nothing to chance, or law. We know situations in life can change rapidly, and with them, your priorities change. Our advisors are readily available to assist you in reviewing your estate plan and making changes, keeping it up to date in any circumstances.

Estate Planning Resources

At {company name}, our goal is to ensure that you are in control of your wealth at all times. We personalize our services to give you peace of mind and security, regardless of what your goals are. Is your estate plan unclear–do you even have one? Learn how we can help with a complimentary consultation when you contact us today!

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